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About Us

We are Taashi.
Taashi literally means ‘’ good fortune ‘’ and we at Taashi bring you nature’s good fortune in the form of products which use natural and exotic herbal extracts and ingredients to give you the best that nature has to offer.

A natural skin, hair, and body care brand founded 25 years ago to transform the landscape of organic and natural personal care. We have always recognized the power of Ayurveda and have combined ayurvedic knowledge with the latest techniques and technologies. We have formulated our herbal cosmetics products with the power of natural essential oils and botanical herbs. We load our products with all-natural extracts of plants, herbs, and flowers in unique combinations for best results.

Why did we start Taashi?
Our mission goes beyond beauty- we are looking to help individuals with natural and herbal solutions for their skin, body, and hair-related issues. Our products are specially made for women, in which we provide a range of high-quality natural products infused with pure herbal and natural ingredients.

How do we do it?
We never questioned the power and pureness of nature. At Taashi, we understand women and everyone out there have been concerned about cosmetic and skincare products for a long time. Taashi diligently understands each natural ingredient’s physical and chemical properties and uses them accordingly to ensure high quality and a positive impact on one’s skin and hair.

We have worked hard to bring the best to our customers ensuring proper sourcing of ingredients directly from soil to shelf. We believe effective skincare is only possible with natural ingredients in our unique formulations to nurture your skin without side effects. Therefore, we make our products free from dangerous chemicals and parabens  sulfates, toxic colorants and preservatives.

As a natural skincare product manufacturer , we know it’s critical to maintain the actual quality of our products and also of our high-end packaging. Our high-standard packaging solutions are specially crafted for a natural skincare brand, making it extra safe without harming its purity and in the process earning the trust of our huge customer base.

We at Taashi believe we can make natural skincare affordably possible without compromise on quality.