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Cucumber Face Wash


Taashi’s Cucumber face wash cleanses your skin, removing dirt and other impurities without making your skin dehydrated. It’s suitable for everyday use as part of your skincare routine. Gentle and moisturizing, our face wash gives the perfect hydration required. Taashi’s Cucumber Face Wash acts gently on the skin without affecting the skin’s texture. It deeply cleanses oil and dirt and removes makeup, dead cells, and environmental pollutants from skin. This face wash is enriched with cucumber extract and contains glycerin for moisturisation. Our wonderful face wash is enriched with the goodness of cucumber that makes it appropriate for all skin types. Glycerin can help lock in your skin’s natural moisture and prevent excessive drying, relieving stress and promoting skin health. It contains active ingredients that helps clear clogs, polyps, and blemishes. It helps to enhance skin complexion and reduce fine lines giving you glowing skin. With regular use of this face wash, your skin remains young, clean, and blemish-free.

  • A nourishing facial deep cleansing wash that effectively removes pollutants and impurities from skin
  • Restores optimal pH balance and moisture to the skin
  • Cucumber extract helps purify the skin and improves its resilience.
  • A soothing mix of cucumber and glycerin soothes redness and irritated skin
  • Removes extra sebum and keeps skin clean and fresh throughout the day

Key Ingredients

Cucumber Extract

    • : Cucumber extract helps to appease and soothe sensitive skin. In addition it contains an enzyme with anti-inflammatory properties.

Glycerin: Glycerin, a widely known skincare ingredient, is very compatible and occurs naturally within the skin. It is a powerful humectant known to assist moisture and soften the skin.

Direction for use
Use morning and evening for optimum results.
Apply liberally over a face and massage into the skin with upward and outward strokes till the gel gets completely absorbed.
Disclaimer: Avoid Contact with eyes.

How to use it?
After washing hands:

  1. Apply a small amount of Taashi’s Cucumber Face Wash on the face
  2. Gently cleanse the face with the face wash using circular motions, covering the entire skin.
  3. Wash off with cold water and pat dry gently.
  4. Use daily as needed.
  5. Avoid contact with eyes.

Disclaimer: This product contains natural ingredients and should endure color/fragrance amendments. Natural ingredients may cloud or separate. It doesn’t change the effectiveness of the product. Store in a cool and dry place; For external use only.

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