Taashi founder “Nico” Khanna being a deeply spiritual person sought an audience with His Holiness The Dalai Lama to seek his blessings in his endeavour to promote seabuckthorn. Here he is seen receiving blessings from His Holiness The Dalai Lama.Nico channelised his immense knowledge of herbs and ayurveda into development of wellness, health and cosmetic products marketed worldwide.

Meet Taashi’s Founders

"I wanted to make beauty products and daily use personal care products - which were safe for my wife and little children to use – which were luxurious, yet gentle and effective while remaining free from harmful chemicals and being completely non toxic.    CEO Taashi- AJ Khanna.

What is my vision for Taashi Beauty?

My vision for Taashi premium products for personal care and well being was to provide safe and effective beauty products for topical application as well as to be consumed - free from harmful chemicals and using natural ingredients to rejuvenate you from within on a cellular level – which would be visible from the outside transforming dull lifeless skin to a vibrant glowing skin.

I didn’t want to follow the usual path – but wanted to chart our own course – research and develop our own products which would change the health and beauty industry forever.

Our Seabuckthorn grows wild in the high altitudes of the Indian Himalayas – is better than organic – is free from growth hormones , chemicals, pesticides & fertilizers – has a nutrition profile unparalled in the entire plant and animal kingdom.

Why was I inspired to do all this ?

My father was diagnosed with cancer – which ultimately took his life. In the process of helping him change his diet and lifestyle while he battled the cancer, I started paying attention to whatever I was consuming and using – and found that on a daily basis we all use and consume products full of synthetic ingredients which often also contained harmful chemicals.

I decided to create Taashi premium products which would be healthy and translate into beauty which was not just skin deep.

Who are my products for?

My products are for every one – as health and beauty should be available to all. Thus products which we use daily are a part of our range – natural hand wash, natural shampoos, natural conditioners, natural soaps, natural creams and of course natural wild seabuckthorn juices and seabuckthorn oil capsules for inner health and long lasting beauty.

During the course of my research brought about by my father’s battle with cancer I learnt the most important things for health and beauty were to avoid products containing harmful chemicals both for consumption and application and how important it is to get your daily dose of natural essential easily absorbable multi vitamins, minerals and anti oxidants to remain beautiful and healthy.

Seabuckthorn berries have perhaps the highest anti oxidant capacity – or ORAC Value (Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity ) in the world at about 70000 and compared to Pomegranate whose value is approximately 2400. Thus it is almost 30 times greater than pomegranate in its anti – oxidant capacity - or capacity to keep your cells young and ageing at bay.

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